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TUNGSTEN CARBIDE BUTTONS are used in manufacturing drilling and mining equipments(mainly for dth Drill bits & Top-Hammer Drill Bits) which are used in drilling,mining, quarrying , water well drilling and other applications.

We are the sole distributor of carbide buttons brand   ZW,Z,and SK   which are very well accepted in indian markets capable of performing in toughest of drilling conditions .tungsten carbide buttons are available in different sizes ranging from 8mm diameter to 20 mm diameter depending on customer requirements and application. Our tungsten carbide buttons gives more life and doesn’t wear out and it does not break even in the hardest of rocks and toughest of conditions. Our company has built great reputation for our brand of tungsten carbide buttons and is considered as a benchmark for maintaining quality.

We procure carbide buttons from well-known suppliers who have state of the art infrsastructure and highly qualified engineers .our carbide buttons are made in technologically advanced machines which are designed to give products a total reliability,durability and complete customer satifcation.our supplier has own tungsten carbide  mines so all the carbide buttons are made of 100% pure and geniuine tungsten powder.

We have a skilled research,development and technical team where the CARBIDE BUTTONS are tested in toughest of conditions and hardest of rocks to know the quality and durability of the product before distributing it in the market so that the the manufacturers and end users get the best quality products.we believe in complete customer satisfaction and are continuously involved to deliver genuine carbide products to our clients.we can provide cutomers with carbide buttons according to their size requirement,specifications and based on their application.

REGULAR SIZES AVAILABLE:  12x20, 13x19, 13x22, 14x22, 16x21, 16x25, 16x26, 16x28, 18x26, 18x28

GRADES AVAILABLE:               ZK5 (5 % COBALT), ZK6 (6 % COBALT), ZK8 (8 % COBALT)


We can provide clients with carbide buttons as per their size and specifications.




How it work :

  • With superior quality and unmatched strength
  • Best in class and price
  • Works well in any conditions.

Service Features :

  • Available round the clock
  • On demand supply available
  • New products/out of stock product order available

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